Fiction Faction E07: James gets confused about Kylo Ren's childhood


We're back, and this time, we brought a hell of a guest. James Smith, who has previously been a guest of Newsfriends, joins us to preview the new Daredevil season, hopes for season 2, just how cool the Punisher looks and we preview the passion of flame between Matt and Elektra. James also earns the respect of Bailey and Tanya by joining them for a full on anticipation conversation about Gilmore Girls, after Melissa McCarthy finally admits that she was asked to join the project. We finally talk in depth about Deadpool and we discuss who should play young Han Solo. This and much more, and remember we're officially now on iTunes so you can subscribe to us and leave us reviews with your comments and suggestions.

This week's music: 

Amerika - Wintersleep

Why Do I Wait (When I Know You've Got a Lover) - The Zolas