Any and all One Directions

By Michael Lylyk

Friday was an interesting time. While we were hunting down a story about skin flaps, there also happened to be a concert going on at the same time. 

One Direction? Have you heard of them? I've been told they're a bit of a big deal. 

Taking inspiration from a recent podcast about Photography contracts during live performances and the ways publications have been getting around them, I felt inspired.

Gaining knowledge of a colleague going into the One Direction concert to have a fun evening, I requested that any pictures she takes to send them my way. Though we do not have any knowledge as to wether or not One Direction has the same kind of things in place that either Taylor Swift of Foo Fighters do, we're simply expressing that this is a new and interesting way to cover events such as these.

Although the quality of the photos may not be the best, I was sure that my artistic ability would be able to spruce them up. 

Here's the outcome:

Instant doodles, worthy of any publication!

Photos by Tanya Commisso
Drawings by Michael Lylyk